Bengal Art Series Tribal Life VII Patua Painting Fish Motif on Jute

Bengal art series Santhal Patua folk art on Jute Fabric
Patachitra is an ancient art form of Bengal.Patuas paint visual stories serially in frames on long scrolls of cloth. They sing the story while unfurling the scrolls.  Patua paintings can be viewed as an early  precursor of modern day animation.

This art form is appreciated by art lovers from all around the world for its effortless style of drawing, colours, lines and space usage. The pictures are awe inspiring tales that range from mundane to the sublime.

Patuas use natural colours which they procure from various trees, flowers, leaves , clay, grains etc.

Great wall art  deco and an ideal gift option too!


Bengal Patachitra art.
Fish painting on Jute fabric
Handcrafted and  Handmade .
12.5″ x 8″
Art created on Jute fabric.
Subtle differences may occur between the actual piece and the photograph.
The art will come to you, unframed.
Click on the pic for an optimal view.