Kilim Dhurrie Carpet and Rug Kilim dhurries have a closely related heritage with Turkey, China, Afghanistan among other countries, due to its intricate flat weaving technique. Transform your home deco ! When you purchase a Kilim dhurrie, you are purchasing an item that has the power to completely change the character of the room! Description Asana series Geometrix I hand woven Kilim dhurrie. Flat weaving technique of warp and weft. 80% wool, 20% cotton. Fine Indian wool. Size in feet :- 4 feet 7 inches X 6 feet 7 inches. Size in cm :- 140 X 200 cm Area sq feet per piece :- 30.12 sq.ft Subtle differences in color maybe observed, as in the case of comparison from the actual piece to a photographed picture.

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