“Bingo wooden Channapatna toys
These beautiful push toys are handcrafted from Maple wood .

The ball is from a wood called Wrigthia Tinctoria and is hand colored with Natural pigments.

The toys are polished with a leaf , locally called as Taregere or Screwpine leaf.

Kids safety prevent entangling …pulling thread is made in parts – held together by a Velcro.

Your kid will love Bingo eco friendly toys

Bring home Bingo today
Handcrafted by women artisans.
Eco friendly & non toxic toys
Acts as a Stress Busters for grown Ups.
Made with a 200 year old Lacware craft.
Channapatna toys are handcrafted from a soft wood, locally called Hale Mara or Milk wood, which is perfect for toys.

No paints, metals, plastics or other synthetic materials are used in the making of the toys.

When you choose Oody toys, you are also choosing to play your part in saving the environment. ”

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Weight 1.5 kg


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