Paper Birds I Sujani embroidered cotton stole

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“Sujani (also known as Sujini) is a form of embroidery originating from the Bhusura village of Bihar in India. In ancient times, it was considered as a form of quilting. Sujani is said to have originated around the 1920s and was only practiced by the Rajput women. The word “Sujani” is derived from the words ‘su’ which means facilitating and ‘jani’ meaning birth. Quilts for new born babies were made by stitching together colorful patches of old clothes and then Sujani embroidery was done with colorful threads to create motifs and designs.
This style of embroidery is similar to the Kantha stitch of West Bengal. One of the prime difference is that in Kantha embroidery, artisans can stitch in any direction of the fabric, while in Sujani embroidery should always be done in straight lines.
Paper Birds I, pure cotton with highlighted sujani embroidery.
Floral motif.
Dimensions (LXB): approximately 200cmx36cm.
Great accessory to complete any formal, semi formal or casual attire.
Pure cotton and hand embroidered.
Subtle embroidery on the motifs.
Blue with pink tassles.
Subtle differences in color maybe observed, as in the case of comparison from the actual piece to a photographed picture.

Hand wash in cold water. Can be dry cleaned. Wash dark colors seperately.
Sujani embroidery stoles are handcrafted by sujani artisans from Bihar.

When you buy a handcrafted piece from Mandi, you become instrumental in reviving Indian indigenous dying art forms, and help to provide encouragement and livelihood to its rural artisans.”

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