“Channapatna toys range – Riff Raff wooden baby rattle
Oodee has designed this simple, colorful rattle Riff Raff, just for your child.
It’s made of wood called as Hale mara or Milk wood in local language Kannada, widely spoken in and around Bengaluru .
Riff Raff is handy to grasp and hold. It makes warm sounds, kids will love . .
The colors are safe, non toxic and bright.
The gloss and finish is given by buffing them with a leaf, locally called as Taregere.
Riff Raff will be a good friend for your toddler and babies
Say No to Plastic..

Oodee toys are handcrafted from a soft wood, locally called Hale Mara or Milk wood, which is perfect for toys.

No paints, metals, plastics or other synthetic materials are used in the making of the toys.

When you choose Oodee toys, you are also choosing to play your part in saving the environment. ”

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Weight 1.5 kg


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