Knick Knack or spice six draw blue pottery ceramic drawer Jaipur blue pottery is famous and distinctive as no clay is used in it’s making process. The dough mix that makes it, is made up of Multani mitti (Fuller’s earth), powdered glass, mixed quartz stone powder, gum, borax and water. The finished product is semi transparent or mostly decorated with animal and floral motifs, and displays a glazed effect. Description Six blue pottery ceramic drawer. Chest of drawers in a brown framed wooden box with painted motifs, with 6 ceramic drawers in yellow, red, blue and green floral motif . Dimensions: 10*7 inches. Adds artistic decor utility to any space at home or in the office. A great gifting option. Great to hold knick knacks, small jewelry pieces or serves as a cute spice box. Famous blue pottery handicraft product. Subtle differences in color maybe observed, as in the case of comparison from the actual piece to a photographed picture. When you buy a handicraft product, you automatically help in the artist and craft sustenance, and participate in the slow fashion movement.

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