Silk Route series Matka silk II fabric

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“Matka is an Indian term for rough handloom silk fabric made from very thick yarns spun out of pierced cocoon in the weft and organzine in warp.

The yarns are obtained from short ends of silk from Mulberry silkworms, and spun by hand without removing the gum (sericin).

As such, there are slubs and irregularities that give the fabric a unique character. It looks something like tweed, but the fibres are all the same color.

Matka sews easily and is good for suits, jackets, trousers and furnishings.

Pure Matka silk.
54 inch width.
Minimum quantity 1 meter.
Color: Cream/light yellow without motif.
Wash Instructions: Dry clean only.
There may be subtle differences in color and motif between the image displayed and actual piece.”

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