Cream and red Naga Shawl and Naga Dupatta A shawl unique to the tribes of the nagaland, the Naga shawls are their unique personality especially due to the state’s rich textile tradition. It’s unique feature, is that parts of the naga shawl are woven separately, and then stitched together.Traditional tribal geometric motifs are characteristic to its style. Traditionally, different motif shawls are worn according to the clan, status or occasion. For eg; the khonoma shawl, is the most common warrior shawl of the Chakesang tribe of Nagaland. Naga shawls are famous for it’s unique tribal designs and motifs, usually symbolic because of it’s simple clean lines. The motifs too, symbolise nature and animals, and dyes and colors used are natural. The Naga shawl doubles up as a dupatta and can make quite a statement as an accessory! Specifications Cream and red Naga shawl and dupatta. 98″ X 50″ Handwoven with natural fibres. Doubles up as a dupatta. Great gifting option. Subtle differences in color maybe observed, as in the case of comparison from the actual piece to a photographed picture. When you buy a handcrafted product, you are participating in craft revivals, artisan empowerment, and aiding in the slow fashion movement gaining momentum!

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